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Cajun Fusion Recipe with White Wine & Butter Chef Michael Sibert

Featured photo by Jack Robert Photography

At White Wine & Butter, Chef Michael Sibert combines two cuisines to create his Cajun trattoria in Greer

When Michael Sibert married Samantha Aupied, she gifted him a book of her great-grandmother’s recipes. To many people, this might not seem remarkable, but to Chef Michael, the collection of 150-year-old Cajun recipes was the holy grail.

It’s these revered New Orleans dishes that form the basis of Sibert’s concept for White Wine & Butter, the couple’s restaurant at the Cartwright Food Hall in Greer. Mastering the recipes was challenging. “Being a chef, you think you can cook anything,” Sibert confesses. For over a decade, I’ve been professionally cooking and preparing what I thought was jambalaya, what I thought was gumbo, what I thought was étouffée. And I was making it all totally wrong.”

After spending time cooking with chefs in New Orleans and working with grandmothers in their kitchens, Sibert’s eyes were opened. “That’s where you really learn about New Orleans cooking—the love they translate into their food, the style of cooking, the patience it takes to make true Cajun food.” Those are the techniques he uses to stir up something special at White Wine & Butter.

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