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Chef Michael Sibert Named 2024 South Carolina Chef Ambassador For The Upstate

Chef Michael Sibert was in the state capitol this month, being added to a list of South Carolina’s most talent chef’s.

South Carolina Chef Ambassadors are culinary leaders who act as champions for the state’s food scene. They are chosen for their talent, creativity, and commitment to using local ingredients. These chef ambassadors travel the state, participating in culinary events and promotional opportunities. Their main goal is to put South Carolina on the map as a top destination for delicious food experiences.

By showcasing the state’s cuisine and fresh produce, Chef Sibert aims to boost tourism and support South Carolina’s agricultural industry. His first appearance as part an ambassador will be at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in February,

Chef’s team with local farmers to highlight the farm to table process. Chef Sibert will be partnering with Upstate farm Barefoot Acres for his ambassadorship at SEWE.

For more information on the ambassadorship and how you can earn prizes by visiting local farms, head to the SC agritourism website

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