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City Juice: Greer’s White Wine & Butter – Greenville Journal

Featured Photo: Royal Street pasta at Greer’s White Wine & Butter. Photo by John Malik

The Andrew Jackson, one of the first proper restaurants that was willing to employ me, was on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. With its soaring ceilings, thick white tablecloths, glimmering chandeliers and a menu full of classic New Orleans dishes, it was quite the introduction to what a proper restaurant should be. One of our dishes was a pasta redolent with cream, butter, Parmesan cheese, lots of shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico and, of all things, lobster. I’m certain that at the tender age of 19 I’d never seen lobster before. Why would I? South Louisiana chefs already had a menagerie of swimming, crawling and floating stuff that inundated our local menus, so what was the point of using this oddball crustacean from somewhere up north? Our chef informed me I needed to “stick my head out the window every once in a while.”

At Greer’s White Wine & Butter, Chef Michael Sibert, a Greenwood native who spent a few years cooking in New Orleans, must have had the same lesson. He bills White Wine & Butter as a “Cajun Trattoria” and at this diminutive restaurant in the Cartwright Food Hall, proper beignets dusted in sugar rub shoulders with a kale and pickled okra salad. I should point out that a New Orleans beignet is a simple doughnut coated in powdered sugar, and it’s probably the most sought out food in the Crescent City. And Chef Sibert is brave enough to offer up a kale salad on the same menu with fried alligator, a dark and steamy gumbo, and a shrimp po’boy slathered with Creole mustard. Their Royal Street pasta serves up a bowl of supple noodles with a Limoncello butter, fresh herbs, Pecorino cheese and a healthy topping of warm lobster.

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