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People to Watch: Chef Michael Sibert – Anderson Magazine

Michael Sibert, Chef Mike as he is known, owns White Wine and Butter in Greer. Traditional Cajun and Creole flavor combined with high-end food preparation and authenticity are the hallmarks of his unique restaurant concept. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas at Greenville Technical College, Sibert has created his path to success in his career and life by learning, taking risks, staying true to himself, and, oh, making an appearance on the Food Network.

Sibert found an early love of food through the kitchen and cooking experiences shared with his grandparents. All of their family gatherings were centered around food, and with a variety of backgrounds and styles of cooking in the family, his grandparents helped him love it all. His grandmother introduced him to the Food Network. They would watch it all day, and when his grandmother saw something she liked, they went shopping and made it the next day.

“My earliest memory of being in the kitchen is watching my grandfather cook outdoors on his big grey barrel grill and seeing him mopping sauce over different cuts of meat and whole animals, primal style,” says Sibert.

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